BUGTRAQ alert - [SECURITY] [DSA-001-1] ed symlink attack

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Wed Nov 29 15:59:07 PST 2000


> I could but I won't. Fact is you want an editor. You even need one to make 
> changes to packages before you compile them (sed won't always do). So the 
> choice is what will the book install: vim or pico or joe or emacs or nano or 
> others? Here I pull rank and just pick one that I like which happens to be 
> vim. No discussion, no flame wars about it. Easy as that.

What's wrong with having them all listed as alternatives and letting the 
user decide?  As the question that started this thread shows, people are 
not always aware that vim or ed is basically just there as an example for 
a possible editor. A lot of people just follow the book to avoid trouble 
and thus don't see that they have a choice. And I thought choice was a big 
part of the LFS experience. Choice and learning. If several editors were 
presented side by side and the users had to choose that would also teach 
them to act on their own initiative instead of blindly following 
instructions which is a good lesson to learn IMHO. 


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