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Seth W. Klein sklein at
Wed Nov 29 18:36:47 PST 2000

Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> On Monday 27 November 2000 16:46, you wrote:
> > > I have now a working LFS with kernel 2.2.17, but I heard from a friend
> > 2.4 is way faster, (but maybe that's because he has a cyrix), but I
> > wanna try anyway. Are there any things that might need recompileng
> > (exept for the kernel itself) and does anyone know about the stability
> > of 2.4.0test, is it worth it or should I wait a while keeping in mind
> > that a stable system is more value to me than a fast system (it's a
> > server, so it won't reboot often anyway...),
> I would rather doubt that way faster, at last at machines with 1-4 CPU's
> There are other nice features though which make upgrading worthwhile (better
> USB support, IP tables, devfs, ....)
> About stability I can only encourage you, I use it exclusivly since
> 2.4.0-test8 came out (approx 2 month IIRC) and didn't have any problems.
> The "official" statement from Linus was something like "No major bugs anymore"
> According to rumors it is close to release.
> > BTW what's the file for? I accidently didn't install it, but
> > the lfs boots anyway... (? a normal sys does boot when it finds a wrong
> >, it just gives tons of error messages, but not if it's not
> > present? weird)

Many programs know to look in /usr/src/linux if /boot doesn't exist,
so it being "not present" may be equivalent to it being correct.

> IIRC tells where the different functions or modules of the Kernel
> are in memory, but the information it contains can also be extracted from the
> running Kernel, so that you only need it if you do a 'depmod -a' for a
> different kernel than th one running.

There may be others, but off the top of my head, ps(1) and klogd(8) use it for certain features. See the man pages if you're serious about LFS :)

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