Kernel upgrade

Brett generica at
Wed Nov 29 21:59:39 PST 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Seth W. Klein wrote:
> > > BTW what's the file for? I accidently didn't install it, but
> > > the lfs boots anyway... (? a normal sys does boot when it finds a wrong
> > >, it just gives tons of error messages, but not if it's not
> > > present? weird)
> Many programs know to look in /usr/src/linux if /boot doesn't exist,
> so it being "not present" may be equivalent to it being correct.

`technically` this is a bad thing.
/usr/src/linux should only contain the headers you used to compile glibc.
Its recommended that you do not compile kernels in /usr/src, and
definitely don't replace /usr/src/linux with the kernel you are currently
using, but leave it as is.

That said, I personally don't follow these instructions...

	/ Brett

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