BUGTRAQ alert - [SECURITY] [DSA-001-1] ed symlink attack

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Thu Nov 30 03:32:00 PST 2000

On Thursday 30 November 2000 06:52, you wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 07:06:50PM -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > Listing alternative choices is a good idea in itself. But if you start
> > with listing alternatives for an editor you end up listing alternatives
> > for compilers too. And gawk/awk. And I'm sure there are more of such
> > packages that can be used instead of something that's used now. I wonder
> > how many of such alternatives there are. If not too many I wouldn't mind
> > listing them in the book. It wouldn't hurt no.
> *puts in his CND0.02$*
> Just a small suggestion, keep vim as the default.
> But...just be carefull how you list the other editors (that is, if you
> are going to :), ones you list one...everyone's going to want to add
> there favorite editor.
> I would prefer to see LFS just list one editor, then end up having ~5+
> Yes, LFS is about choice...but you have to be carefull how you go about
> doing that ;)
> -
> Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

I agree too you there. I would leave vim there as default, make a note that 
it is not realy needed, and that one can use whatever editor he/she likes,
an put the descriptions to the hints/infosys


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