Glibc 2.2

J. Jones jdj at
Thu Nov 30 03:43:43 PST 2000

I forgot what switches I used, but the only packages I needed to patch
were gcc-2.95.2 and db-3.1.17.

The distributed with previous versions of glibc appears to have
defined a dbopen() function, which many ./configure scripts test for
(although the packages don't seem to actually use the function).  I made a
quick patch, posted somewhere on the lfs-apps list (Glibc-2.2, nss-2.2,
and db-3.1.17 was the title i believe), that will define this function in
libdb just to make those scripts happy.

Other than those two issues, I have had very little trouble with 2.2.  Oh,
and it fixes the lynx compile bug! :)


On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 01:29:28PM +0100, Hendrik Volker Brunn wrote:
> Mind telling me, which switches you used on glibc-2.2 and which packages
> had to be patched?
> Hendrik
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