LFS editor of choice should be vi

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 30 04:15:40 PST 2000

> I'll say this again (btw, why has another thread started on this? :)

Who knows...

> And LFS is about choice, i think every user should make modifications
> and try out new things, but i don't agree with having to list a bunch of
> different editors, sure it's real personal and all, but if your that
> touchy about it, you problably allreay know howto install your favorite
> editor (and if you don't know allready, that would be a good time to
> learn)

I must say I agree with that. I will list a few different options where 
options are available (gawk instead of mawk, other editors instead of vim) 
but I don't think I'm going to give installation instructions on how to 
install all those different ones. But I'll make a note of it so that peole 
realize that they don't have to install vim if they don't want to (most don't 
do so anyways but some do because they might think vim is needed for 
something special that can't be done with a different editor..)

Gerard Beekmans

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