Pico RULEZ!!! was(Re: BUGTRAQ alert - [SECURITY] [DSA-001-1] ed symlink attack)

Jeffery McLean jeffery at meowpawjects.com
Thu Nov 30 06:59:59 PST 2000

On Wednesday 29 November 2000 04:06 pm, you wrote:
> whatever....
> never in all my time administrating servers have I ever been in
> a situation like you describe and I personally think ed is an
> old outdated concept that should be dropped like a hot potato

I don't know... command line editors have a place
but I'll still go for a global editor like pico any day....

On that note I rember a SysAdm asking (ever time I mention pico)
if I ever edited system files with pico.. and I ALLWAYS answer YES...
You'd think he'd quit asking me the same question after the 3rd or forth 

There is a point... for a rescue kit ed may be a better choice
but for normal operation.... nano... becouse I don't use pine... :)

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