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Tijmen Stam tijmen at stamadvies.nl
Thu Nov 30 10:10:35 PST 2000

Florin Boariu wrote:

> (Sorry, Erika! It's a matter of higher social philosophy and it's
> _important_)

BTW the list entry stated that the prize of beer could be discussed here too
:-) (sorry)

> Why change the term? Let the world change, they will. Nerd might lead to a
> false image in the people's heads, but never mind. It'll change. You
> remember some time ago everybody wanted to be "cool"? Nowadays, people who
> are cool don't mention it. They even state they're uncool. To be cool
> starts to mean "be arrogant" (at least here, where I live). We (linux
> users, more or less skilled) kinda adopted the term "nerd", so let's stick
> to it. Be proud to be a nerd and be proud to disappoint people around you
> in their strange expectaions about "nerds" :)
> To put it more clear: call yourself nerd and act like you're not one (at
> least not a dictionary-like nerd).

I think that if you adopt "old" terms and say they're "new again"... you're
undef (= for the nitwits... not very popular (to put it mildly))
a new term easyer gows hot than an uncool term coming back cool again...

But I also agree with you that we should be a mixture like the 'ol days nerds
& hackers... (so not the pale-faced guys sticking to a monitor always standing
lonely at the bar (if going out at all), but the sunglassed, cabrio (with girl
inside) driving peoble who, by the way, also knew how to make idiots of the
beavers! (those who know about hackers, know what i'll mean...)
I think there should be a new word for it.... (like illumini, exept that I
personally find it a too long and weak word...)

The new word should posess the following quantities:
1- speak it with a dark and loud voice... does it sound cool?
2- speak it with a feeble (modern nerd-like) voice... doesn't it sound too
3- does it reflect a lifestile (whatever that lifestile is)
4- is it speakable at all
5- can you make people who use the word in the wrong way spring out as idiots
(like linux... speaking it in the american way (laaiinux instead of leenux),
but you don't have to shame yourself for it...

good words that unfotunately don't all aply to us, but at least posess
quantities 1-4:
- G-force, membership , hacker (it too got a negativesound nowadays...
unfortunately), Junkfood, George Orwell

Now your task: come up with a word that at least possesses 1,3,4...


Again... sorry erica...

BTW spanish or french sounding words are cool nowadays....

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