[OT] Roggenfloggen - nerdfood-HOWTO

Arnout Couperus llhorian at chello.nl
Thu Nov 30 10:53:19 PST 2000

And on the day of Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 07:10:35PM +0100, Tijmen Stam was heard defying the gods with the words:
> But I also agree with you that we should be a mixture like the 'ol days nerds
> & hackers... (so not the pale-faced guys sticking to a monitor always standing
> lonely at the bar (if going out at all), but the sunglassed, cabrio (with girl
> inside) driving peoble who, by the way, also knew how to make idiots of the
> beavers! (those who know about hackers, know what i'll mean...)

You mean sort like those hackers from the movies? All wearing the latest fashion, mysterious looking sunglasses and drive Harleys, coincidentily having the hottest biker babes behind them on the seat? :)
And then they flip out their spray painted laptops to hack some corporate network or something so they can use a false credit card to buy martini's in some nightclub?
Yeah, what would be the word for that...hmmm...

Hehe, Shadowrunners (from those Shadowrun books) would be way too corny, even though it would apply to the people.


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