LFS editor of choice should be vi

Tijmen Stam tijmen at stamadvies.nl
Thu Nov 30 11:51:37 PST 2000

<quote from lfs 2.4.2 chapter 8>One thing remains to be done and that's setting
up networking. After you rebooted and finished the next chapter of this book
your LFS system is ready for use and you can

"do with it whatever you want."

So, do whatever you like! The only reason vi is chosen is that it's the editor
that's found in most basic systems. But if you don't like it, don't install it.
By the way, if you do LFS on somethig bigger than 500 meg, how much is the
difference having or not having vi with or without an extra editor?

Other choices (like being root all the time) can give you some comments, but as
long as you know how to handle it, be as stupid as you wish! (An'd i'm allowed
to say that, After two years of linux the only times I log in being non-root is
when ftp-ing!)


And I don't think the LFS-discuss list is a good place to start (near)-flame or

(The only Problem I have with vim is every time I vim, I save with ^x^s ^x^c,
and everytime I'm in emacs I use <ESC>:wq ;-)

discussion closed! (i hope)

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