[[OT]OT] Roggenfloggen - nerdfood-HOWTO - Price of beer?

Tijmen Stam tijmen at stamadvies.nl
Thu Nov 30 12:02:20 PST 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> > I just spend a bit of time (i love my pride/ego)


> strip the "at your local pub" part from it. The "price of beer" things used
> to be discussed on lfs-discuss but I got tired of the high volume of
> off-topic mail so I put up the linux site where everything non-lfs including
> beer prices should move to. So the HOWTO's never contained in so many words
> that the price of beer could be discussed on lfs-discuss. So you're right on
> that account.

2.2 didn't mention anything about beer...

But if I understand correctly, linux is the place to discuss the price of beer
and lfs-discuss is the place to discuss where to discuss the price of beer (no

Wow, I just remember this is how flamewars usually get started... making an
[OT[OT]] comment on a [OT] comment (this is essentially even one level deeper,
but okay...)

(Tijmen everytime uses this big 8-line signature... an dow at once it's gone...
what a coincidence!)

* - * Message from grunn', whre the beer costs just F1,00 (=$0,40)! * - *

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