LFS editor of choice should be vi

Rudolf Floers r.floers at web.de
Thu Nov 30 12:23:51 PST 2000

> Anyone else want to speak up on this? Gerard does have the final say
> anyways, so it's really up to him (for better or worse) but he always
> listens to the LFS Community, speak up if i were you... ;)


i suggest to make a different book for every editor, for instance:

the lfs-book-with-vim
the lfs-book-with-vi
the lfs-book-with-pico
the lfs-book-with-emacs
the lfs-book-with-joe
the lfs-book-with-ed
the lfs-book-with-elvis
the lfs-book-with-jim(or john?)
the lfs-book-with-move-the-file-to-floppy-and-edit-it-with-microsoft-word-on-
the lfs-book-with-print-the-file-edit-it-with-typewriter-and-whiteout-scan-it-


it's smarter to tell people they can switch to a non-chrooted VT/XT whenever
they wish and use one of the editors of their starting-distribution, imho.


ps: it's jed and jove, isn't it?

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