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John E. Garrott Sr johnga at
Thu Nov 30 14:40:36 PST 2000

Just announced that I had LFS functional and 
guess what?  I rid myself of MS Windows and 
rearranged my disk space.  (See below for changes)

Now when I try to boot (any level) into LFS I am told that
the initial console cannot be started.  Then it says
"Init not found."

I've gone through every file (fstab, lilo.conf, etc)
that I can think of, but all appear correct for
the present configuration.

My question is, what else would be affected by the

Thanks in advance for any help,


Old configuration:
hda1 (c:)  Primary W95 partition (2 Gb)
hda2       Linux swap (about 100Mb)
hdb1       Slackware7.1 root partition (2 Gb)
hdb2       /home partion (4.4 Gb)
hdb3       LFS root partion (2 Gb)
hdc1 (d:)  Secondary W95 partition

New configuration:
hda1       Slackware7.1 root partition
hdb1       LFS root partition
hdc1       Linux swap (about 120 Mb)
hdc2       /home partition (8.2+ Gb)

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