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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Thu Nov 30 14:57:10 PST 2000

> On November 30, 2000 12:23 pm, you wrote:
> > Why are the mail archives not in synch with the list? I don't see a
> > specific reason why new messages should not be put into the archive
> > immediately. Because of my mail server problems which are hopefully fixed
> > now (btw, it's not my own mail server, it's that of my provider) I missed
> > stuff from several messages (fortunately many messages start with quoted
> > material). I'd like to check those messages in the archive but it's too
> > much behind. Other mailing list archives are in synch with the list. The
> > PNG mailing list archive is actually faster than the list sometimes.
> One reason being: the archives online are html versions which are created 
> >from the mbox files. Why the online archives aren't in synch with the list 
> itself is because it takes quite a while to process the mbox file and make up 
> the html versions. 

I don't really like the HTML Version. I'd prefer a single text file per 
day that just concatenates the day's messages. After all, that's how I 
read the list in my mailreader. Maybe it would be possible to offer this 
as an alternative. Shouldn't be too hard as it's just a concatenation of 
all mails. At least for the current day such a file that is always in sync 
with the list would be very useful IMHO. And the space requirements as 
well as the building time should be negligible if it's only kept for the 
current day (a 24 hour sliding window would be nice )


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