LFS editor of choice should be vi

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 30 14:57:11 PST 2000

> > I consider fairness to be very important. And giving vim
> > special treatment
> > is not fair, it's advocacy. And advocacy is evil (and unprofessional).
> If I can add my $0.02 here...
> If Gerald had decided to use a different text editor in LFS, I'm pretty sure
> we'd have thread going on right now asking why vim isn't mentioned in LFS.

Yes, and although I don't like vi, I'd be complaining about the unfairness 
just the same. The only options that are really fair are all or none.

> It's like the saying - "You can please most of the people some of the time,
> or some of the people most of the time, but not all the people all the
> time."

Having more editors mentioned in the book would please more people than 
just having vi.
> PS - Why is advocacy evil?  True, if it gets taken too far it can turn
> nasty, but otherwise it seems to be a regular everyday thing, IMHO.

Car crashes are a regular everyday thing, too, as are wars. 


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