LFS editor of choice should be vi

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 30 15:05:52 PST 2000

> "Editor installation writers" have to make sure that dependencies are 
> satisfied at the time the book installs vim. 

Speaking about the time the book installs vim. Why is it not installed 
during the static build part so that people will have an editor already 
when they enter chroot? Same goes for less. I know that those 2 are 
installed close to the beginning of chroot but close is not close enough 
(especially if you run into problems compiling one of the early packages). 
I felt the need to edit and view files from the first second of being in 
chroot, so that I could view Makefiles and create install scripts for the 


Vacuum cleaners suck!

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