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Thu Nov 30 15:22:19 PST 2000

Quoting Gerard Beekmans on Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 06:50:11PM -0500 :
> Hi guys,
> I've silently been working on setting up INN on It's 
> mostly working, I just need something installed that acts as a gateway 
> between the mailinglists and newsserver.
> If a message is posted to the lfs-discuss newsgroup it must be forwarded to 
> the mailinglist. If something is posted to the mailinglist it must be 
> forwarded to the newsgroup. And without infinite loops if possible ;)
> Has anybody got an idea how to accomplish this? thanks,

Have you looked into newsgate?

I've not done it, but Linuxcare has implemented it internally,
so I could probably get you some help as needed.  From what I have heard
it is relatively easy once you install the package.  LFS may be a
different story.


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