dynamically generated book

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 30 16:03:38 PST 2000

> I like this idea. It reminds me of the zip picker at the DJGPP site. You 
> have a form where you answer certain questions regarding your preferences 
> and it spits out links to the packages you need to download. Combined with 
> a customized LFS book autogenerated from the SGML source based on your 
> choices, that would make a really nifty feature. And the book could 
> personally address you if you enter your name in the form. That would be a 
> great way to emphasize the individuality of LFS.
> p.s.: No, this was not intended as a joke. I really like that idea.

I need to mention that I was not only thinking about editors here. The LFS 
hints could be dynamically included so that if the user chooses 
"I want KDE" he'd get a hint about installing KDE. If he chooses 
"I want simpleinit", the sysvinit parts would be replaced with the 
equivalent simpleinit parts. And of course a dynamically generated HTML 
page would contain the links to the packages needed. 
Seems too complicated? Don't forget that the LFS book started out as a 
mere HOWTO and now it's a book. This could well be the next step. A 
dynamically customized source distribution.


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