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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Nov 30 19:46:09 PST 2000

> I don't really like the HTML Version. I'd prefer a single text file per 
> day that just concatenates the day's messages. After all, that's how I 
> read the list in my mailreader. Maybe it would be possible to offer this 
> as an alternative. Shouldn't be too hard as it's just a concatenation of 
> all mails. At least for the current day such a file that is always in sync 
> with the list would be very useful IMHO. And the space requirements as 
> well as the building time should be negligible if it's only kept for the 
> current day (a 24 hour sliding window would be nice )

If you send an email to listname-request at and put
this in the subject: set digest
You will be put in digest mode. You will stop receiving messages in
real-time but instead every day at midnight you will receive one email
for every list that contains that days messages. The big con to this is
that threading is not possible anymore but it stops the flow of many
individual messages.

If you want to receive the digest but also receive the individual
messages write "set digest2" in the subject.

About the online archives: I'm going to try out a few different setups
over the next few days to see which one is fastest and less of a burden
to the system. So stay tuned. It will be fixed soon. That new setup will
also fix that enormous index file of 1.3MB for lfs-discuss

Gerard Beekmans

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