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Julio Recalde julio at dk2net.dk
Sun Oct 1 12:41:33 PDT 2000

Yes I know how to make it all again, but the problem is that I *need* that
data in hdb3, I've just tryed the gpart app that tryes to restore corrupted
partition tables and it only got the swap partition, it seems that it
doesn't support reiserfs(hdb2), so it skips the rest of the disk scan :-(
Any ideas, please?

> Deleting the lost+found directory isn't really a problem, it can easily
> just 
> be re-created.  What it sounds like to me is that this isn't an e2fs 
> partition.  If you are sure that this partition has nothing important on
> it, 
> type mke2fs /dev/hdb3.  This will reinitialize the file system (Erasing 
> everything) to make it an ext2 file system.
> If you still can't mount it after that, run cfdisk (or some other linux 
> fdisk utility) and make sure that hdb3 is set for linux type 0x82.  If it
> isn't, set it to type 82, write and quit, reboot, and then run mke2fs on 
> that partition again.

> >Hi. I've just started with this book, I think it's really interesting
> and
> >agree with the author on wanting a home made distro.
> >While preparing my sytem for starting up, the folowing BadThing
> happened. I
> >had my SuSe 6.2 on hdb3 /, hdb1 /boot and hdb2 swap, on hda1 I had a
> win95
> >installation and on hda2 I had a deposit. I wanted my LFS system on hdb
> so
> >I moved all the important stuff to hdb and repartition hda to install a
> >fresh system to get started creating my LFS sys. Then I installed the
> new
> >SuSe 6.2 system on hda4  /, hda2 swap and hda3 /boot, and copyed all the
> >important stuff again so I could repartition and prepare hdb for the LFS
> >sys. On hdb I created hdb1 swap, hdb2 /, and hdb3 deposit. Then
> formatted
> >and mounted deposit and copyed all my stuff there, and I deleted by
> mystake
> >lost+found, no sure if that has anything to do with what happens next, I
> >couldn't mount hdb3 anymore! With mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt, the error was
> you
> >must specify fs type(the first time this worked jusr fine) and when I
> issue
> >mount /dev/hdb3 /mnt -t ext2, I says bad superblock, bad option, wrong
> fs
> >tyoe or too many mounted fss. I've tryed e2fsck, but the answer was the
> >same, corrupted super block. I tryed with the -b some.other.block.number
> >and it doesn't work. Do you have ANY IDEAS of what I can do to recorver
> my
> >data? I know that I should have made backcups, but it wasn't possible by
> >that time.


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