lilo woes continue :)

ivan ivan at
Mon Oct 2 01:23:09 PDT 2000

At 15:01 02/10/00 +0800, I wrote:

>i'm assuming also that the problem is because the lfs boot system is on
>/dev/hda3 which is beyond the 1024 cylinder limit that i believe exists

reading the large disk how-to indicates the problem is a bit worse than i
thought *s*

the disk is only 2.1Gb but bios reports it as 540Mb ... remember the good
old days of MS-DOS when a disk that size was beyond comprehension *LOL*

it looks like i've got to try Darryls suggestion of repartioning ... just
downloaded and played with fips ... it claims it only splits MS-DOS
partitions !!! ... plus it screws up the partioning table when it does the
translation ... that makes it very difficult to figure out exactly what
partition is where and which one i want to move *S*

any ideas for linux-friendly partitioning software apart from partition
magic ... that is just too expensive for a boy like me *S*


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