lilo woes continue :)

Darryl milenium at
Mon Oct 2 05:11:57 PDT 2000

Just to add, for it to be recognised in linux to start of with, as it wasnt
found unless i had the frame buffer option in lilo at 800 x 600 64k i think,
my monitor isnt big enuff to warrent using the 1024 one for me.


> For your BIOS problem as thats better left to you to fix : ) ........ i
> had my 10 gig doing that when it was in the secondary slave behind my
> but it had all of its size recignized in linux regardless of how much the
> bios said, but that was for me. As for paritioning thingies, dint quote
> but i think there is a freebie Partition Magic somewhere for linux.

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