Richard Bland RBland at PeopleSupport.com
Tue Oct 3 15:33:51 PDT 2000

>what went wrong then?
It's a long story... I was going to post an answer to my previous thread
("LFS 2.4 - Hang on 1st reboot") detailing what went wrong (for the

>Perhaps 400MB would be best <snip>
LFS is going onto a 400MB HDD :(

Actually, I cheated and finally compiled it all in a faux LFS mount point,
actually just another dir on larger disk. I then stripped and tarred the
result onto the small IDE disk and threw that in the old 486, booted off a
floppy and off I went (or so I thought...)

I'll chroot into my (larger) 'virtual drive' and leave it to re-build libc
tonight. Hopefully, it'll behave this time.


Rich B

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On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, you wrote:

> > Can anyone tell me where the above lib is created during the LFS 2.4
> process? I'm guessing at the glibc compile.


> Either this or libc is corrupt on my target LFS build. Replacing them with
> my RedHat 6.2 version fixed the issue, but I'd like to recompile for
> cleanliness.

what went wrong then?

You can recompile Glibc inside chroot. that should work just fine.

> Also, how much space _do_ you need to the libc compile. I ran out with
> 260MB spare :(

Can't remember exactly, but have roughly 350MB available. Perhaps 400MB
be best so you're sure you won't run out of space

Gerard Beekmans

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