advice for building lfs-powerpc

Garry Roseman memphis at
Wed Oct 4 08:19:38 PDT 2000

>On Tue, 03 Oct 2000, you wrote:
>>  Anytime before first boot will do the trick.  With the makedev makes
>>  sense.  It's worth mentioning that you must enable the rtc in your
>>  kernel configuration.
>>	I'd be happy to offer my (rather limited) linuxppc experience to help
>>  maintain the ppc book.  Perhaps a ppc specific list could be started to
>>  see if there actually are other ppc users out there and see what kinds
>>  of issues they're having.
>If there are more people other than you and me who use ppc and are on this
>list, i'll create that list

Here I am!  I'm still working on the static compiles on a base system 
that started life as Linuxppc 2000.  New ("new" from ebay :) disk 
drives are being delivered today to support this work.  I have a 
PowerWave 150 dedicated to this (and still get my real work done on a 
7600/G3 running MacOS).   I'm new to Linux and so have to learn many 
things at once, and I find it frustrating.  I am very attracted to 
the possibility of running a system that I compile from sources.  I 
worked for a number of years on moderately large control systems that 
were compiled entirely from source (at every boot!) and found it 
greatly liberating and empowering.  lfs is a really good work; thanks 
to Gerard Beekmans!

BTW folks, anyone interested in going the ppc route should consider 
getting one of the older boxes such as the PowerComputing 
Power(wave|center) or the PMac [789][56]00.  They can be dirt cheap, 
and the performance is not all that bad compared to my 360 MHz G3 
system.  I paid a _total_ of $160 to put together a PowerWave 150 
(604 processor) with 96 MB of RAM and 7.5 GB of storage (on 3 
second-hand SCSI disks).  A 15" or even 17" monitor can be had for 
less than $150 and your total system cost for a very nice Linux 
system may be $300. Install MOL and you can let your 
spouse/kids/brother/sister run Macintosh software on your Linux box. 
   Garry Roseman  <mailto:memphis at>

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