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Thorben Thuermer thorbenthuermer at gmx.net
Wed Oct 4 12:04:38 PDT 2000

Julio Recalde wrote:
> Yes I know how to make it all again, but the problem is that I *need* that
> data in hdb3, I've just tryed the gpart app that tryes to restore corrupted
> partition tables and it only got the swap partition, it seems that it
> doesn't support reiserfs(hdb2), so it skips the rest of the disk scan :-(
> Any ideas, please?

well gpart restores partiton tables, but you didn't change the partiton
and the partiton is unreadable, so as i said it probably won't help
anyway :(

gpart does support reiserfs, at least it's listed on the site...
one option you could try is :

 -f     Full  scan.  When  a  possible  partition is found, 
                      gpart normally skips all sectors this  entry 
                      to  occupy  and  continues the scan from the end
                      the last possible partition. The disk scan can
                      quite  a while if this option is given, be

that way it won't skip anything (by default it skips all found
jumping to the next superblock, and doesnt really scan all sectors.
(it will even find the fs on floppy images saved on the filesystem)

of course it can't find the fs if the superblock was overwritten..

if you can't find the fs, it's a really bad problem...

you might try stuff like 

cat /dev/hdb3 | grep --binary-files=text "some stuff that was in a file
on the disk"

but chances to restore a broken fs are bad :(

Thorben Thuermer

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