Brett generica at email.com
Wed Oct 4 14:34:10 PDT 2000


A search at my local "we stock everything" mirror shows.....


Ie. metalab, linuxberg and some mob called linuxfromscratch seem to have
it :P  Try at your local linuxberg/metalab archives.

Of course, the other alternative, if you have a redhat system handy, is to
download the .src.rpm package of what you want, and then.

rpm2cpio package.src.rpm | cpio -i

This will extract the .tar.gz file for you, and some other junk :)

Prolly not an ideal solution, but works for me, when I'm sitting at work
wanting to compile a package, have no internet access, but a cd full of

have fun,

	/ Brett

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, John Golovich wrote:
> It appears the procps package isnt available at
> people.redhat.com anymore.  I tried an earlier version
> that I downloaded from sunsite, but had compiling
> problems.
> Is there another place to get the 2.0.7 procps package?

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