/boot partitions

Filip Joelsson filip at blueturtle.a.se
Fri Oct 6 08:46:15 PDT 2000

> If you use the lba32 option in lilo.conf you can forget about the /boot
> problem.

That's not always an option. I had the same problem when I installed on an old 486 which dualbooted to Win95 (for the sake of WarCraft2 and other old networked games :). I corrected the problem with a 15MB /boot partition, and the Win98 partition after that (it too is required to be entirely within those 1024 first cylinders - at least on most old 486 'puters), thus the suggestion to put all of / at the first partition would have given Win98 too little space.

I fired off a suggestion to this list back in July regarding this, but as it was in the middle of vacation and I was going away sailing - I didn't subscribe to the list, and didn't think to check out the response until today. It appears I should have checked and responded on the list at that time. <:)

A boon with a /boot partition is that one can have one place for kernels that is the same on the old system and the lfs system - so the significant difference would be which partition to use as root in lilo.conf. Also, the rest of root could be pretty much any FS (such as ReiserFS or Tux2), and if one finds an FS that is much more efficient - only 15 MB /boot has to stay ext2.

Disclaimer: I only toy around with Linux, I don't use it for any production - thus anything I said is probably way uninitiated.

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