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Thomas Heimroth tchino at
Mon Oct 9 02:10:05 PDT 2000

My name is Thomas!
I have a problem with install the GCC-compiler 2.95.2 in the
chroot-environment. In the documentation stands you must make the directory
But there I have install the gcc before in the chapter: Preparing the LFS
system for installing basic system software.
Do I must delete this directory and then create it new?
Or do I must go in the directory and install the gcc-compiler again?
If I do that in the chroot environment, I get the error: bootstrap-error.
I get this error by entry the line: make -e bootstrap.
Can you help me please?
It is my first installation of the ownLinux. I must still collect some
experience in the future of the linux-systems.
I'm very happy if you can give me a small tip.
Bye, bye Thomas

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