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Mats Blomstrand mats.blomstrand at
Mon Oct 9 06:34:32 PDT 2000

read on...

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> Yo,
Yo to you too :)

> > I got stuck here too.....
> Hrm... not sure if i got what you mean, but here goes,
I meant that i didnt succed to make gcc properly. Same error as Thomas.
> Before you enter chroot your compiling all software staticlly to
> get rid
> of any problems you may have with different versions of libraries,
> etc.
> (just to be on the safe side)
Yes i did, and everything worked like a clock.

> Now, when you enter chroot your recompiling all your software
> dynamicly
> With all the new libraries (glibc, etc) and from what i've it
> seems that
> your at the part where your installing Gcc inside of chroot right?
You are sooo correct :)
> Yes, you have to recompile GCC again.. delete the original
> gcc-build and
> gcc-2.95.2 directories (this goes for everything) a make clean or
> whatever doesn't cut it, it's easier to just start over.
I didnt delete. I just did a make clean.

> Right...? I'm still unsure what your problem is.
It doesnt matter if you are aware of what you are doing :)
You hit the nail right on. Couldnt be better. Thank you!

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