who installs LFS root/user

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Tue Oct 10 10:53:43 PDT 2000

> First thing that comes to my mind:
> We normally have umask 022 and our dirs are root.root 755
> If I use for example for bash the bash.basesys this means
> I better be already bash.basesys when I begin with configure..

I would already su before unpacking the tarball. There is no reason to be 
root at all during any part of the installation as long as the user doing 
the install belongs to a group that has write access to /bin and the other 
installation directories. 

> just because some make install doing a lot of stuff which will
> be a hazard to chown after it is installed.
> Means, I must create the complete passwd and group before I do
> chroot and begin, that's no problem.

> Will it work to chroot and then su to bash having home /src/sources?

I haven't tried but I don't think that a missing home directory (and I 
think that's what it would look like) is fatal. Not unless some program 
tries to access it by reading from /etc/passwd and I think install scripts 
won't do that. 

> And what about the passwords by the way?

I think you can have a user without a password, that only root can su to  
and where logins with that id are impossible. I don't remember how you 
have to write that into the /etc/passwd, though.

> And will I be able to install into a 755 dir when I am bash and this
> dir is not owned by me?

No. The dir will need to be writeable by the group that bash belongs to.

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