Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Tue Oct 10 11:02:22 PDT 2000

+-r.floers at at[10.10.00 17:59]:
> after downloading the linux-intel-2.4-book i now have installed all packages and the system works fine.
> there is only one problem i cannot solve:
> commandline-editing

Looking at your eMail-Addy I can just say that you should look for the
keyword "german" in sitesearch... :)

You will find something to add into your .inputrc...

--- quote ---
> >But I can't type "special" characters ("Umlaute") like "äöü". When I
> >press the 
> >corresponding key the computer only beeps but nothing is printed. 
> I assume you talk here about typing them while beeing in the shell 
> (bash). This might be because bash is set up to ignore them or treat 
> them specially. I have an .inputrc with these two lines in it: 
> set convert-meta off 
> set output-meta on 
--- quote ---
> under editors like joe all that editing functions are working just fine. I've already checked my keymap, /etc/inputrc, /etc/profile and /etc/termcap files and they seem to be ok.

uhm - do they contain the above lines? What do you mean by "they seem to
be ok"? :)


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