LFS-2.4.1 available

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Wed Oct 11 01:54:00 PDT 2000


> I plan to upload all previous LFS versions, including 1.0.

hummm...didn't I suggest that months ago, and got told that was a bad idea?   *GRIN*

Eak...that reminds me of my early LFS days!

I remember my first LFS, v1.3, when it first came out...
I remember talking Gerard into usign GCC 2.95.2 and Glibc 2.1.2 instead of and 2.0.7..
I remember suggesting #lfs

ahhhhh..the good old days!

wow, I'm an old LFS'er now, arn't I?   Anyone got a walking stick I can borrow when I do my next LFS?

Bye for Now,


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