2.4.1-Balu1 pre-chroot (LONG)

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Thu Oct 12 03:53:52 PDT 2000

Okay - here is my up-to-chroot-description of 2.4.1...

Base System is a Debian 2.2 (potato) on an Athlon Thunderbird 800,
128MB-machine. Usually I compile with 
	time (configure && make && make install) 2> 00-Error
to store the stderr into a file (and see how long it takes to compile a
package). Everything between ----- is from such a file (I shortened it
here to not display all the warnings and such... If you want a complete
log, mail me ;).

Here we go:

Chapter 3. Packages you need to download:
	"ohter" -> "other"

Chapter 4. Creating directories:
	remove prompt (down the page)

Chapter 5. Preparing the LFS system:
	remove prompt

Whish from me (to be discussed):
Get the prompts back (I don't like the style with &&... - even if I use
it usually, it looks wierd. I agree that cutnpaste is easier then and I
see that you have less to edit while updating packages ;)

Installing Bash:
	failed first, after installing libncurses5-dev and
	libncurses5-dbg it worked
install-info: unknown option `--dir-file=/mnt/lfs/usr/info/dir'
usage: install-info [--version] [--help] [--debug] [--maxwidth=nnn]
             [--section regexp title] [--infodir=xxx] [--align=nnn]
	     [--calign=nnn] [--quiet] [--menuentry=xxx] [--info-dir=xxx]
	     [--keep-old] [--description=xxx] [--test] [--remove] [--]
make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
make: [install] Error 2 (ignored)

real	1m20.286s
user	0m54.690s
sys	0m9.840s

Installing Binutils:
Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.
real	3m7.269s
user	2m14.630s
sys	0m32.890s

Installing Bzip2:
	Reading the man-page I think "make -f -" would be the correct
	way to get the Makefile from stdin.
real	0m8.282s
user	0m7.570s
sys	0m0.330s

Installing Diffutils:
real	0m10.590s
user	0m8.370s
sys	0m1.600s

Installing Fileutils:
real	0m51.381s
user	0m34.730s
sys	0m10.870s

Installing GCC on the LFS system:
	Why don't you replace <host> with "*" (the idea came after
	discussion on #lfs yesterday) - You can cutnpaste everything
Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.
Links are now set up to build a native compiler for i686-pc-linux-gnu
real	12m17.176s
user	10m29.520s
sys	1m4.780s

Installing Linux Kernel
	I took 2.2.17 instead of 2.2.16, which is fixed in 2.4.2 now.
/mnt/lfs/usr/src/linux/include/linux/coda_opstats.h is empty
/mnt/lfs/usr/src/linux/include/linux/dasd.h is empty

real	0m35.597s
user	0m14.330s
sys	0m4.530s

Installation of Glibc
	I had problems cutnpasting from w3m here - spaces were wierd
	characters and were not displayed after cutnpaste - I looked
	into the html-source and found  es - why are they used
	What about creating configparms with:
		cat <<EOF >configparms
		# Begin configparms


		# End configparms
	The echo-line came too late ;-)
	make is too fast - I can not see if I get "character 45" errors...
	Is it bad to apply the patch anyway? I did not - and I think I
	did not have the errors (00-Errors didn't show them)
real	24m10.132s
user	16m16.950s
sys	3m52.490s

Installing Grep
real	0m19.513s
user	0m11.920s
sys	0m3.160s

Installing Gzip
	Location of patch-file necessary here? Include it in Chapter 3.
	I think it's on download.linuxfromscratch.org also...
real	0m4.118s
user	0m3.130s
sys	0m0.570s

Installing Make
real	0m21.500s
user	0m15.740s
sys	0m3.840s

Installing Sed
real	0m4.962s
user	0m2.420s
sys	0m1.160s

Installing Shellutils
real	0m52.823s
user	0m36.010s
sys	0m11.450s

Installing Tar
real	0m25.702s
user	0m18.870s
sys	0m4.920s

Installing Textutils
real	0m46.597s
user	0m32.970s
sys	0m8.950s

Creating passwd and group files
	Create the group-file like configparms above?

Debugging symbols and compiler optimizations
	What do I take for Thunderbirds? -mcpu=?
	The gcc-info pages say that `-march=CPU TYPE' implies `-mcpu=CPU
	TYPE'. So we don't need -mcpu=?
	"replace xxx and yyy" -> there only is "xxx" :)

Creating $LFS/root/.bash_profile
	Again - create that "cat <<EOF >file"-style?
	  - here again?
	Ah - here we have "yyy"...?

Entering the chroot'ed environment
	You forgot "&&" here.

Mounting /proc file system
	fixed already in 2.4.2


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