2.4.1-Balu1 pre-chroot (LONG)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Oct 12 04:36:16 PDT 2000

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> Okay - here is my up-to-chroot-description of 2.4.1...

Uh oh ;)

Again Balu your reports are invaluable to me. Glad you take the time almost 
every release to go through it.

> Chapter 3. Packages you need to download:
> 	"ohter" -> "other"

Was fixed in 2.4.2

> Chapter 4. Creating directories:
> 	remove prompt (down the page)
> Chapter 5. Preparing the LFS system:
> 	remove prompt

Consider it fixed in 2.4.3

> Whish from me (to be discussed):
> Get the prompts back (I don't like the style with &&... - even if I use
> it usually, it looks wierd. I agree that cutnpaste is easier then and I
> see that you have less to edit while updating packages ;)

Those are my main reasons for removing the prompts yes. I agree it looks 
prettier with the prompts in place, but I believe the removal of them is 
worth it. I'm reluctant to add them again, unless there are of course a lot 
of people who want them back. If you want, propose a way to make copy&paste 
as user friendly as it is now.

> Installing Bash:
> 	failed first, after installing libncurses5-dev and
> 	libncurses5-dbg it worked
> -----
> install-info: unknown option `--dir-file=/mnt/lfs/usr/info/dir'
> usage: install-info [--version] [--help] [--debug] [--maxwidth=nnn]
>              [--section regexp title] [--infodir=xxx] [--align=nnn]
> 	     [--calign=nnn] [--quiet] [--menuentry=xxx] [--info-dir=xxx]
> 	     [--keep-old] [--description=xxx] [--test] [--remove] [--]
>              filename
> make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
> make: [install] Error 2 (ignored)

That's because Debian's texinfo package is hopelessly outdated.

> Installing Bzip2:
> 	Reading the man-page I think "make -f -" would be the correct
> 	way to get the Makefile from stdin.

It's my opinion that -f /dev/stdin is clearer than -f -

Both are ok (since that's just what make does anyways - use /dev/stdin if you 
provide it with a dash)

> Installing GCC on the LFS system:
> 	Why don't you replace <host> with "*" (the idea came after
> 	discussion on #lfs yesterday) - You can cutnpaste everything
> 	then...

Yes, I liked my own idea so so so much that I added it to LFS-2.4.2 ;o)

> Installing Linux Kernel
> 	I took 2.2.17 instead of 2.2.16, which is fixed in 2.4.2 now.
> -----
> /mnt/lfs/usr/src/linux/include/linux/coda_opstats.h is empty
> /mnt/lfs/usr/src/linux/include/linux/dasd.h is empty

Not to worry about i think...but I'll keep an eye on it next time I build an 
LFS system (tomorrow)

> 	I had problems cutnpasting from w3m here - spaces were wierd
> 	characters and were not displayed after cutnpaste - I looked
> 	into the html-source and found  es - why are they used
> 	here?

If I don't add the   (Non Breaking SPace) Netscape or most other 
browsers refuse to put extra spaces. It might insert one space but ignores 
extra whitespace. Because the commands are broken up over multiple lines, 
indenting them so you can see that they belong to one and the same command is 
better. That can be done with  . No browser should give you weird 
characters, this stems back from the HTML-1.0 era and should not pose any 
problems....got a proposal to fix it perhaps? 

> 	What about creating configparms with:
> 		cat <<EOF >configparms
> 		# Begin configparms
> 		slibdir=/lib
> 		sysconfdir=/etc
> 		# End configparms
> 		EOF
> 	The echo-line came too late ;-)
> 	make is too fast - I can not see if I get "character 45" errors...
> 	Is it bad to apply the patch anyway? I did not - and I think I
> 	did not have the errors (00-Errors didn't show them)

No, it won't hurt to apply the patch. I'll add a line to find out what bash 
version is being used so you can anticipate the need of the patch before you 
start building LFS. That sounds logical doens' it? Then you might wonder why 
I never added it before. I wonder it too. I know it has crossed my mind on 
several ocassions...

> Installing Gzip
> 	Location of patch-file necessary here? Include it in Chapter 3.
> 	I think it's on download.linuxfromscratch.org also...

Chapter3 only includes what you absolutely need. The gzip patch is not always 
needed so not everybody should have to download it.  Seems the patch is only 
necesarry when your starting distro is Glibc-2.0 based. 

> Creating passwd and group files
> 	Create the group-file like configparms above?

Interesting idea, I can add the echo line underneath it like I did with 
configparms now.

> Debugging symbols and compiler optimizations
> 	What do I take for Thunderbirds? -mcpu=?
> 	The gcc-info pages say that `-march=CPU TYPE' implies `-mcpu=CPU
> 	TYPE'. So we don't need -mcpu=?
> 	"replace xxx and yyy" -> there only is "xxx" :)

Hmm what happened to my nice yyy's

What to use for Thunderbird? Uhm i686 or K6 I guess. Stress the "i guess" 
part. Stress it again. I have no clue whatsoever when it comes to AMD's.

> Creating $LFS/root/.bash_profile
> 	Again - create that "cat <<EOF >file"-style?
> 	  - here again?
> 	Ah - here we have "yyy"...?

Ah there the yyy's went to, I knew they were supposed to be somewhere.

Sure, the echo (or cat version) can be added below the contents of the file.

> Entering the chroot'ed environment
> 	You forgot "&&" here.

Shame shame on Gerard.

> Mounting /proc file system
> 	fixed already in 2.4.2


Ok that was it, am waiting for post-chroot ;)

Thanks again Balu,

Gerard Beekmans

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