2.4.1-Balu1 pre-chroot (LONG)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Thu Oct 12 08:48:11 PDT 2000

( Don, 12 Okt 2000 ) Gerard Beekmans <-- :
> On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> > Whish from me (to be discussed):
> > Get the prompts back (I don't like the style with &&... - even if I use
> > it usually, it looks wierd. I agree that cutnpaste is easier then and I
> > see that you have less to edit while updating packages ;)
> Those are my main reasons for removing the prompts yes. I agree it looks 
> prettier with the prompts in place, but I believe the removal of them is 
> worth it. I'm reluctant to add them again, unless there are of course a lot 
> of people who want them back. If you want, propose a way to make copy&paste 
> as user friendly as it is now.
> > 	I had problems cutnpasting from w3m here - spaces were wierd
> > 	characters and were not displayed after cutnpaste - I looked
> > 	into the html-source and found  es - why are they used
> > 	here?
> If I don't add the   (Non Breaking SPace) Netscape or most other 
> browsers refuse to put extra spaces. It might insert one space but ignores 
> extra whitespace. Because the commands are broken up over multiple lines, 
> indenting them so you can see that they belong to one and the same command is 
> better. That can be done with  . No browser should give you weird 
> characters, this stems back from the HTML-1.0 era and should not pose any 
> problems....got a proposal to fix it perhaps? 

What about:

<format that as prompt> directory we are in:
all commands

Could that be suitable? We know where we are and c&p should work with
every browser.


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