UserModeLinux ?

Chris Gianelloni twi at
Thu Oct 12 15:04:32 PDT 2000

Gerard: most likely you will need to recompile the moduels that vmware
loads at boot from the installation source to get it working with 2.4...
I am not positive if this will fix the problem as I am still running a
2.2 kernel. It may be that vmware's hardwrae emulation is very dependent
on the existing structures in the 2.2 kernel tree.

For everyone else: uml only runs linux. VMware can run just about
anything that runs on an x86 box, since it creates a virual machine
(hence the vm) to emulate a complete PC (BIOS and all). It is *not*
free, nor open source, but it is definitely VERY good at what it does.
You can always do a check on freshmeat for "freemware" which is the open
source work-alike to vmware I think they have changed the name of the
package, but I know a freemware search will find it. I tend to agree
with you on the idealogy of using free software, but there are times
when I just want something to "work dammit" and do not care if it is
open source or not (DVD movies anyone?) I myself use VMware for most of
my testing which would require a reboot (I like my uptimes). VMware is
especially useful for running applications which only run on that
"other" OS, but it is a CPU hog. I wouldn't dream of running it on
anything less than a p2-400 with 128mb ram. Oh yeah, it is not worth a
crap for games... I already tried. Applications work flawlessly, since
it is a complete virtual machine and you actually have to install an OS
on it.

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