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Sat Oct 14 05:38:57 PDT 2000


On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 11:49:52AM +0200, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> a) Why is the download location given for Is 
> that some special version not available elsewhere?

Which version are you going to use? LFS-2.4.2 is the lateast, please use
that version.

And... in 2.4.2 it's listed to download all needed packages from

Why? because most of the time is just slow or it would take
too long for someone to go around getting the right files (just think
with wget*)
anyways if you go into the appindex you will find the original download
location, you can get the files there if you want to.

> b)  Why should I install with prefix $LFS/usr/ and then manually move 
> stuff to $LFS/bin, ... ?

Because... most of the time a system depends for a program to be in a
certain place.  Allmost all common programs (ls, cat, echo, etc) are
moved into /bin; it's been like that for the longest of times,
they have been there, tradition and common-sense.

> c) Do I really need to distinguish between /bin and /usr/bin or can I just 
> make the latter a symlink to the former (or the other way around). After 
> all, I don't want a separate /usr partition. 

You don't have to, allthough don't expect you aren't going to have any
problems later down the road (and i do don't recommend you do that :)
but just because you have /bin and /usr/bin it doesn't mean you have two

LFS is about choice and personal preference... it's only a guide, and
guides are meant, only as that; a guide, do you always follow a guide to
the letter? :)

> d) Is it important that the kernel is 2.2.16? I have a 2.4.0 lying around 
> on my disk that I'd like to try out.

You can use any kernel version you want, 2.2.17 is the latest _stable_
kernel which is recommended, allthough quite a few ppl have build an LFS
system using 2.4.0test kernels, again, personal preference.

> e) I'd like to log everything I do. What's the easiest way to do that?

Wanna elaborate? do you just want to list which files go with which
package, or do you want to keep all your log files, or do you...?

We need a little more information before we can answer that =)


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