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Sat Oct 14 08:05:24 PDT 2000

> On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 11:49:52AM +0200, Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> > a) Why is the download location given for Is 
> > that some special version not available elsewhere?
> Which version are you going to use? LFS-2.4.2 is the lateast, please use
> that version.

I'm using 2.4 from August 28 and I'll continue with it because I have 
printed and bound it nicely. I don't like reading stuff on-screen and it 
would be a waste of time and paper if I printed the new version for just 
some minor changes. I'll read the changelog for 2.4.2, though.
> And... in 2.4.2 it's listed to download all needed packages from
> Why? because most of the time is just slow or it would take
> too long for someone to go around getting the right files (just think
> with wget*)
> anyways if you go into the appindex you will find the original download
> location, you can get the files there if you want to.

The official download location listed in the 2.4.2 appendix for is 
still, so my question stands: What's special about 
this package? It doesn't seem to make sense. Why would LFS's ldd be 
different from that used by RedHat?
> > b)  Why should I install with prefix $LFS/usr/ and then manually move 
> > stuff to $LFS/bin, ... ?
> Because... most of the time a system depends for a program to be in a
> certain place.  Allmost all common programs (ls, cat, echo, etc) are
> moved into /bin; it's been like that for the longest of times,
> they have been there, tradition and common-sense.

Yes, of course but that doesn't answer my question. What I want to know is 
why the book tells me to do

make PREFIX=$LFS/usr install

and then move files from $LFS/usr/bin to $LFS/bin

instead of 

make PREFIX=$LFS install

> > c) Do I really need to distinguish between /bin and /usr/bin or can I just 
> > make the latter a symlink to the former (or the other way around). After 
> > all, I don't want a separate /usr partition. 
> You don't have to, allthough don't expect you aren't going to have any
> problems later down the road (and i do don't recommend you do that :)
> but just because you have /bin and /usr/bin it doesn't mean you have two
> partitions.

If I don't have separate partitions for / and /usr, what kind of problems 
could I get if I have /usr/bin as a symlink to /bin, or /bin as a symlink 
to /usr/bin ?  The only possible problem I can see is if 2 programs with 
the same name but different contents should be in the 2 directories. Is 
there a package that does something like this, or a package that wants to 
create a symlink from the one directory to the other automatically?
I don't think this would be a proper action for an install script.

> LFS is about choice and personal preference... it's only a guide, and
> guides are meant, only as that; a guide, do you always follow a guide to
> the letter? :)

Exactly. But if you're going to leave the guide, it's best to ask about 
possible problems first.

> > d) Is it important that the kernel is 2.2.16? I have a 2.4.0 lying around 
> > on my disk that I'd like to try out.
> You can use any kernel version you want, 2.2.17 is the latest _stable_
> kernel which is recommended, allthough quite a few ppl have build an LFS
> system using 2.4.0test kernels, again, personal preference.
> > e) I'd like to log everything I do. What's the easiest way to do that?
> Wanna elaborate? do you just want to list which files go with which
> package, or do you want to keep all your log files, or do you...?
> We need a little more information before we can answer that =)

I want to log the commands I enter like

cd $LFS
mkdir blabla
cd blabla

and maybe the output of those commands (although I'm not so sure I want 
the complete output from a "make"). As you've already noticed I'm going to 
deviate from the directions in the LFS book. 
If (or should I say "when" :-) I run into problems it would be very useful 
if I had a log of exactly what I did, especially if I should seek help on 
this mailing list. If I can't state exactly what I did and what I did not 
do according to the LFS book, people here most likely will not be able to 
help me.

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