Bash 2.04 static compilation getting me mad!

Brad Hartin bhartin at
Sat Oct 14 08:55:39 PDT 2000

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Apokolips wrote:

> I've made the symlinks and added --with-curses, but it did not work....

rm -rf the bash-2.04 source directory, unpack it again, and try
again.  Yes, I know you could just make clean/rm config.cache
config.<whatever> but this is even cleaner.

Are you compiling this pre-chroot or post-chroot?  If it's pre-chroot,
then you need to check the symlinks on your main system...i.e.:

cd /usr/include && \
ln -s ../src/linux/include/asm asm && \
ln -s ../src/linux/include/linux linux

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