bash static compile

Rich Rudnick nickrud at
Sat Oct 14 23:12:56 PDT 2000

I've a couple of questions about the initial bash compliation.

I used this script to compile:

#! /bin/bash

./configure --enable-static-link --prefix=$LFS/usr --bindir=$LFS/bin
m--disable-nls --with-curses &&
make &&
make install &&
cd $LFS/bin &&
ln -s bash sh

1.  --disable-nfs:  I couldn't find any reference to nfs in ./configure
      but there weren't any error messages during configuration : )

2.  make returned failed on curses:

gcc -L./builtins -L./lib/readline -L./lib/readline -L./lib/glob
-L./lib/malloc -L./lib/sh -static -rdynamic  -g -O2 -o bash shell.o
eval.o general.o make_cmd.o print_cmd.o  dispose_cmd.o execute_cmd.o
variables.o copy_cmd.o error.o expr.o flags.o jobs.o subst.o hashcmd.o
hashlib.o mailcheck.o trap.o input.o unwind_prot.o pathexp.o sig.o
version.o alias.o array.o braces.o bracecomp.o bashhist.o bashline.o
siglist.o list.o stringlib.o locale.o findcmd.o redir.o pcomplete.o
pcomplib.o xmalloc.o -lbuiltins -lreadline -lhistory -lcurses -lglob
-lmalloc -lsh   
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcurses
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bash] Error 1

 And, of course, there was no libcurses.a anywhere to be found.  In
fact, I 
couldn't even find a curses.c file!


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