Corey Cox sleepnir at usa.net
Sun Oct 15 09:46:20 PDT 2000

in your section discussing unpacking the software you write:

tar -xvfz filename.tar.gz

for files with .tar.gz extensions.  This gives me an error about z not being a
proper file.  I have to run:

tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz

I know it is kind of stupid symantics (and all but us newbies now this) but I
consider it a bug (albeit minor).  It may jst be my distribution, I've
certainly had plent of other problems with it.  I was also wondering what you
would prefer for the format of someone correcting a bug or adding a feature. 
Should we send you a completed web page or jsut tell you what we think ought
to be changed - as above.  What is easiest for you?  I'd really like to help
on this project I think it is one of the best things out there, I've learned
so much and so quickly.

Corey Cox.

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