(newbie) creating device-files / installation of makedev PROBLEM ...

Lukas Gruber gruber at 3c.via.at
Sun Oct 15 11:11:07 PDT 2000

book version 2.4.2, page 92, installation of MAKEDEV:

if I run the commands (sed "s/# ...) in /usr/src  I get an
"cant read MAKEDEV: no such file or directory" message.
so I changed to /dev, did this again, no errors - no output.
but when I do "cd /dev && ./MAKEDEV -v generic" nothing
happens again. this confuses me a little. i thought the -v option
means verbose and as far as I know devices in linux are files.
when I "dir" in /dev all I get is MAKEDEV and pts ...
even if I unpack MAKEDEV-2.5 and copy that MAKEDEV to
/dev I get the same results (which is no output and no files).

i searched for makedev-problems in the mailing-list-archive,
but it gives 192 results and they dont make any sense to me.
please help!


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