(newbie) creating device-files / installation of makedev PROBLEM ...

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Sun Oct 15 13:40:23 PDT 2000

+-Larry Coleman-(larryliberty13 at home.com)-[15.10.00 21:29]:
> Lukas Gruber wrote:
> > 
> > book version 2.4.2, page 92, installation of MAKEDEV:
> > 
> > if I run the commands (sed "s/# ...) in /usr/src  I get an
> > "cant read MAKEDEV: no such file or directory" message.

You have to do that after untaring the MAKEDEV-Package. As usually you
have to ungzip, untar it and change into the MAKEDEV-Directory. (that is
described in Chapter 2 "How to install the software") and you did it
with all other packages...

> I just had the same problem. It turns out that there's a step missing in
> the HTML version of the book: namely, you have to unpack MAKEDEV and cd
> to the directory before doing sed, etc...

see above - after doing that the steps

sed "s/# 9/9/" MAKEDEV >/dev/MAKEDEV &&
chmod 754 /dev/MAKEDEV

will create the MAKEDEV-Script in /dev...


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