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> i've been thinkin that maybe a lfs distro can be made by bungin
> a basic lfs installation on cdrom and run from the cdrom like rh
> used to. and run the installation from there.

> Unless I misunderstand (and if I do, forgive me), but putting LFS on a
> CD-ROM would take some of the 'fun' out of it. Downloading the files,
> compiling, etc. The only way I see that as beneficial is if someone
has a
> S-L-O-W connection and doing the D/L takes an eternity. If that's the
> then putting just the files on CD, I could possibly see...:)

>well, yes, it's fun but takes a very long time. and i find it fun when
>etc., do the work for me. besides, i've got 6 machines networked here
>installin lfs on each machine when there is a major upgrade is a major

I can see that as being a major job, yes. And probably not much fun, either.

>also, btw, i found a dvd for sale that contains a snapshot of  all the
>archives - 8.3gb - which i might prefer to scoutin the web for the
>sources. www.yggdrasil.com

>but what i'm planin is to prepare a floppy disk kernal that at least
>client on a network to communicate with a server and transfer a basic
>lfs installation and mount the exported /usr. it would be nice if i
>install lfs over the network clients from a server. err, could i even
>a client x window from a server?

Hrmm...I am not sure, actually? Anyone else?



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