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Corey Cox sleepnir at usa.net
Mon Oct 16 16:39:29 PDT 2000

There is a lot of benefit in learning to do all of the stuff manually.  There
is also a benefit in being able to get the system you know and love set up on
a variety of diferent machines quickly.  It is a quandry - but I have a
suggestion.  If the scripts were written as excerpts from the book (say
echoing what it was doing and maybe why) it could also be a valuable
experience, and switches could be added that could turn that off if you were
in a hurry and didn't need to see the stuff you already know how to do.  My
problem with wizards and scripts is that a lot of the time they hide
everything from you and you don't really know what they did but I think it
would be really cool if instead they could be in an interactive mode and teach
you what they were doing so that eventually you wouldn't need them or you
could run them in a non-learning mode.  I would love such a developement and I
think it could be really valuable in alfs.

Corey Cox.

"Horton, Robert" <rhorton at QualityLogic.com> wrote:

My reply *should* have been sent to the mailing list. Stupid Web-based MS
Exchange. Oh well. This will accomplish that as well as my reply to your
reply. :)

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From: andru sprott
To: Horton, Robert
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Subject: Re: lfs on cdrom

> i've been thinkin that maybe a lfs distro can be made by bungin
> a basic lfs installation on cdrom and run from the cdrom like rh
> used to. and run the installation from there.

> Unless I misunderstand (and if I do, forgive me), but putting LFS on a
> CD-ROM would take some of the 'fun' out of it. Downloading the files,
> compiling, etc. The only way I see that as beneficial is if someone
has a
> S-L-O-W connection and doing the D/L takes an eternity. If that's the
> then putting just the files on CD, I could possibly see...:)

>well, yes, it's fun but takes a very long time. and i find it fun when
>etc., do the work for me. besides, i've got 6 machines networked here
>installin lfs on each machine when there is a major upgrade is a major

I can see that as being a major job, yes. And probably not much fun, either.

>also, btw, i found a dvd for sale that contains a snapshot of  all the
>archives - 8.3gb - which i might prefer to scoutin the web for the
>sources. www.yggdrasil.com

>but what i'm planin is to prepare a floppy disk kernal that at least
>client on a network to communicate with a server and transfer a basic
>lfs installation and mount the exported /usr. it would be nice if i
>install lfs over the network clients from a server. err, could i even
>a client x window from a server?

Hrmm...I am not sure, actually? Anyone else?



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