lfs on cdrom

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Tue Oct 17 11:01:28 PDT 2000

> > i've been thinkin that maybe a lfs distro can be made by bungin
> > a basic lfs installation on cdrom and run from the cdrom like rh
> > used to. and run the installation from there.
> > Unless I misunderstand (and if I do, forgive me), but putting LFS on a
> > CD-ROM would take some of the 'fun' out of it. Downloading the files,
> > compiling, etc. 

Downloading is hardly the fun part and neither is doing the static compile 
bootstrapping stuff. I think the LFS CDROM should include the tarballs for 
all the packages and the statically compiled executables so that people 
can get right to building the real system.


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