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Jonathan Wilson wilson at
Tue Oct 17 13:01:42 PDT 2000

>Some Example: When compiling gcc I thought about having the 
>complete language-set offered installed, including java and ObjC. That 
>is not possible with native LFS, the Build stopped with the ObjC- Lib, 
>But as I said: In the Book there is the directive to just compile C an 
>C++ -- and it worked.

First off I haven't done LFS yet, I'm waiting on time, money, wisdom and kernel 2.4 (yeah I know that sounds funny :-) but I've been lurking here on the lists, thinking that it would hurt to be reading the traffic while I'm waiting.

So today I noticed this, and I'm wondering, what's up with the broken Obj-C stuff? IF no one cares to explain, that's ok, I don't want y'all to waste your time, but I'm very into OpenStep/GnuStep/ObjectiveC....that sort of stuff. One thing I was hoping to do was make my LFS very *Step-centric (whatever that means ;-)

So would anyone care to comment on what isn't working with Obj-C?



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