makedev script - up to date?

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Tue Oct 17 13:45:02 PDT 2000

( Die, 17 Okt 2000 ) Gerard Beekmans <-- :
> Jesse and I are going to work on modifying the MAKEDEV script or creating a 
> new one from scratch. 
> An option is (but we haven't decided on it yet) is to patch the existing 
> MAKEDEV-2.5 script and in stead of passing 'generic' to it, we could pass 
> 'lfs' to it (so you'd run /dev/MAKEDEV -v lfs) that basically does what 
> generic does, but add more like hdc, hdd, sr* sdd* and remove things normal 
> people would not need like fd0CompaQ and other obscure files nobody needs 
> these days. A lot of the tty's can go, since evey reasonable linux system 
> would use the virtual system /dev/pts (kernel option) instead of ttyp* and 
> such. 

I did a complete rewrite which is in test-phase on my system now.
It is not that much complicated as the 2.5 and a hell lot more explained
as I really have my probs with the code of 2.5 :(
Only one thing I want for myself to be added, so working on that,
and then need to translate some german comments, too.

If you want me to publish I could give it one push more.


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