lfs-hints: root-privileges

Horton, Robert rhorton at QualityLogic.com
Tue Oct 17 15:31:57 PDT 2000

I was reading the lfs-hints and I came across the root-priveleges hint. I am
not sure if this is what was intended by the hint, but it sounds as if any
user can set this attr to a file and thereby prevent root from being able to
change/delete, etc.

That is not *quite* true. The superuser has to be the one to set and remove
the bit from a file. Once superuser sets this bit, then yes it is basically
unchangeable unless the bit is removed.

If this has been discussed, then please pardon me. And I am not trying to be
nitpicky or anything. I just wanted to point that out. Perhaps the wording
should be changed so that future newbies do not misunderstand? Just curious.



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