(newbie) creating device-files / installation of makedev PROBLEM ...

Dick Martin dmmartin at loa.com
Tue Oct 17 19:01:58 PDT 2000

I had the same problem with ./MAKEDEV and I'm also using RedHat, however I am using 6.1. But I think I'm the problem and not RedHat. I think I screwed-up the installation of bash. I also used "with-ncurses" and finally had success, but the path for bash was set to $LFS/usr/bin and not $LFS/bin.  Additionally, check your "sh" file in $LFS/bin directory, it should be "@sh and not "!sh" as mine was.

I reinstalled bash from the $LFS/usr/src directory with the "with-ncurses" option and removed the bash and bashbug files from $LFS/usr/bin. I reinstalled MAKEDEV also from the $LFS/usr/src directory. The ./MAKEDEV command then ran like "greased lighting" Also, the bash and bashbug files ended up in the proper location and the "sh" file changed to "@sh."

I'm still loading packages, so I don't know if I shot myself in the foot or not by reinstalling bash at this point. But, in my view LFS is about learning and it is only software, nothing broken.

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